National Best Friend Day: 10 Reasons to Thank Your Best Friend

It’s National Best Friend Day! If you know me, then you know that I am a sucker for “National Days.”  It gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate silly, cool, or important things. For instance, getting donuts on National Donut Day, or buying my dogs treats for National Pet Day. I also petition for “National Put Money in Your Daughters Account Day.” *Hint* *Hint*, Mom. In honor of National Best Friend Day, I am dedicating this article to the best friends in my life.
With the hustle and bustle going on in our lives, we might not get the opportunity to tell our best friends “thank you.”  We might not get the opportunity to see them often, and we may even have to miss out on important events going on in each other’s lives. However, when the time comes, my friends are right there. I’m not talking about just the friends I have now or the friends I had in college or high school, but my DAY 1’s. Literally, and figuratively. I am the girl that can make friends very easily. But, I am also the girl that is extremely selective with who I consider a friend, and who I choose to share my personal life with.

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