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My First Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day 2017 Recap

Let me just start by saying, WOW! I had a wonderful first Mother’s Day with my mom, grandma, and Jaxon. This day last year, I was getting close to being 3 months pregnant, but at that time, we had not told anyone but my mom. Being the person that she is, she surprised me with a *secret* Mom-to-be card and balloon. I didn’t consider myself a MOM then because I was just coming to grips with actually BECOMING a mom. So, this year was my first real celebration.

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Real Women, Real Moms, Real Accomplishments: Mother’s Day Edition

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to highlight two new mommy’s that graduated this spring with their bachelor’s degrees. There are a number of women who accomplish this feat every year, but these are the two stories that stuck out to me. Plus, they’re from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I LOVE my Coast girls! Another reason why their story resonated with me is because not only did they have to deal with delivering their child in the middle of their FINAL semester of senior year, but they encountered roadblocks that many of us can relate to, and some that we can not even fathom. Allow me to introduce them.

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“Oh! The Places You CAN Go!” Advice for College Graduates

“You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself any direction you choose.” If you Google, “Advice for College Graduates” or “Quotes for College Graduates,” you’ll more than likely see this quote from Dr. Seuss. His book, Oh! The Places You’ll Go, is a classic book to give to high school and college graduates. As a matter of fact, I received this book as a gift when I graduated from high school. In every aspect, it is motivational, quirky, and chock-full of advice. That’s why it makes such a perfect grad gift. However, is it all that college grads need to hear to be prepared to enter the real world? My answer is “no.”

For the most part, we as young adults need all the motivation and confidence we can get to start the tedious task of hunting for jobs. But Dr. Seuss advice can only take us so far. 

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Top 6 Mother’s Day Essentials: How I Survive Mom Life

I’ve been a new mommy for almost six months now. If it weren’t for my top six everyday essentials, I would not make it through the day. These are essentials that I, as a mother, need on a daily basis. They are essential to life. Most “Mother’s Day Essentials” lists are uniform no matter where you do your research. Clothes, purses, jewelry, flowers, etc. As a new mom, all of those gifts would be lovely, but they are not what is going to get me through the day. If you’re wondering what to get a new mommy friend of yours for Mother’s Day, then here are a few suggestions.

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