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PR Opportunities for Bloggers

This past summer, I submitted my first pitch to Romper, a popular mom blog that boasts over 350K likes on Facebook alone. A writer for Romper sent out a pitch, looking for stories from moms who realized the moment they were more than just a mother. The story was a part of a series posts sponsored by Baby Dove. I instantly jumped on the opportunity to respond. To my surprise, I was chosen!  Although it was an unpaid mention, which publicity sometimes is, it made me realize just how important it was to pitch to brands. Although I did not pursue pitching for a few months afterward, I kept my eye open for how I could turn those pitching opportunities into more publicity for myself. Keep reading to find out how to gain PR opportunities for bloggers.

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Social Media Secrets You Need to Know Now

Have you ever wanted to know the really juicy social media secrets? The secrets that help up and coming bloggers get viral pins, tons of new followers on Instagram, and an overwhelming amount of page views?
Whether you are new to the blogging scene, or you’ve been in the game for a good minute, there are always new things to learn. The information is readily available, and easy to find. I am currently running an email series that talks about the seven social media secrets that everyone needs to know. In this series, you will learn secrets about your favorite social media sites, ways to boost your SEO, and things that may affect your content in the new year.

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Converting Analytics into Blog Visitors

Is converting analytics into blog visitors really a thing? Can you really do that? I have heard one too many bloggers say that they do not understand analytics. I totally get it. Analytics across Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter are just a bunch of numbers, percentages and charts. If you know me, you know I hate numbers. But, I LOVE running analytics. It’s something that I do once a month for some of my clients. The reason why I love analytics so much, is because when you really take the time to dive into analytics, you can figure out how you are performing on that particular platform, and you can achieve converting analytics into blog visitors. But, before you begin, you have to understand how to read them. Here is a quick run down on the analytics I take a look at. Click through to find out more.

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