My Breastfeeding Story – Months 1-4

Before I even became pregnant, I knew that I wanted to one day breastfeed. My immediate family is extremely small. Unfortunately, breastfeeding was not something any of us was familiar with. I saw, however, through social media how strong of a bond mothers had with their children while breastfeeding. So when my time came, I knew I had to try it. During my pregnancy, I had researched as much as I possibly could about breastfeeding. I spoke with my OB-GYN, and I even went to visit a lactation consultant. I knew the benefits, and also some risks. This is my breastfeeding story for the first 4 months of Jaxon’s life.

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

When it comes to being a mother, our top priority is raising a healthy child. It is the sole reason why I chose to breastfeed. After seeing the bond my sister and nephew formed, I was sold. I also paid close attention to the health benefits of breastfeeding. All things considered, I was convinced that this was the best choice for my little boy. I found out that nursing your child is not only beneficial for your baby but for your body as well. I can also credit most of my “bounce-back” body to breastfeeding. So, allow me to tell you about my experience in breastfeeding, and then I’ll hit you with the facts.

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Stop Mom Shaming: 3 Ways to Stop Mom Shaming

“That’s not how you hold your baby.” “Your baby should NOT be sleeping in the same bed as you!” “The car seat buckle needs to be higher.” “Breastfeeding in public is just a cry for attention.” And on. And on. And on. STOP mom shaming! I and countless others have been the subject of “mom shaming” on the internet. Mom-shaming is when someone judges, shames, or scolds a mother for something that they are doing with their child/children. But why?

When it comes to social media, sometimes a picture is simply a picture. We only show what we want other people to see. Most people, like myself, post pictures of our children because they’re adorable, and we want to share our child’s adorable-ness with others. They’re either playing, crying, learning how to do something new, or just having fun. But usher in the mom-shamers inundating the comment section with unsolicited advice, opinions, and general nastiness. I know the saying goes, “if you put it on the internet, then anyone can have an opinion.” But the other saying goes, “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”

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