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About Brittany Bright + BeBright Daily

My name is Brittany Bright, the Mom Boss behind BeBright  Daily. 

BeBright Daily is the ultimate hub for the millennial mom and business babe. I talk about mom life, work life, blog life, and everything in between.

I graduated with my degree in marketing and corporate relations, and I work for an advertising agency.

I have over 5.5 years of experience in marketing, social and digital media management, journalism, analytics, PR, advertising, content creation, and more.

I am all for helping bloggers and businesses boss up, grow, and monetize their blogs. In the process, I hope to inspire other young mothers, entrepreneurs and boss babes.

Explore my website, contact me with questions, and feel free to leave comments & feedback.


Business Bloggers + Girl Bosses is the free online support community full of women and men who offer support, advice, tips, and tricks for one another with the intent to grow their blog, learn how to make money blogging, and transcend the title of being just a “blogger.” As a bonus, group members have access to one-on-one advice from me, exclusive free e-courses and resources that cannot be found anywhere else.

Marketing + PR

With over five years of combined experience in social media marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, content creation, PR, analytics, SEO, email marketing, journalism, web design and more, I am able to offer bloggers and individuals valuable information, insight, & advice on how to implement those business practices into their daily blog duties.


Bloggers, influencers, and businesses are just one click away from having access to my specially curated database of free blogging and business resources. With dozens of resources at your disposal, you will be able to boss up your toolkit, organize your day-to-day duties, and streamline your business processes in order to run your blog more efficiently and effectively.


Life is not full of ALL work and no play. I wear many different hats. I am a millennial mom, mompreneur, influencer, and full-time Ad woman. I use my platform, BeBright Daily, to talk about mom life, work life, fashion, beauty, fitness, industry happenings and more! It’s where all of the fun things happen! Through BeBright Daily, I hope to inspire other millennial moms, young women, and Boss Babes.

I help bloggers learn the business of blogging by incorporating PR and marketing techniques into their daily blog duties.

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5 Ways to Battle Working Mom Guilt

Once my maternity leave came to an end, I flew out of the house and burnt rubber down the interstate to work. I was desperate to be back in an environment that was not all about the baby. About a month or so after I started this new journey as a working mother, I began to feel anxious, sad, and guilty. That is when I knew I was dealing with working mom guilt. How can I overcome working mom guilt? Here are 5 ways to battle it.

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Working Mom Advice: Meal Prep for Your Baby

Feeding your infant in the first 12 months of their life seems to be nerve wrecking. How do you know what to feed them? How much? Can they chew things if they do not have teeth? Rest assured that there is a process that we followed, and I am here to help you. I will begin by talking about how we introduced solids into Jaxon’s diet, how we balanced feedings with nursing sessions, and how we meal prep for him now that he is almost 1 all while working full-time! The question of how to meal prep for your baby won’t seem so daunting after you read this post!

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