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My Birth Story:Fibroid Tumors

On This Day in 2016, I shared my birth story online. On this day, I am still in the bed. Undressed, unshowered, unmotivated. I do not want to get up. Yet, I have to shower, get dressed, and force myself take care of the new baby. I have to adjust to this new life as a mom. The only problem is that I am not adjusting to motherhood. I’ve only been home from the hospital for 2 weeks. I cry almost every day due to feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and most importantly, in pain. All of those feelings came about because of my emergency C-section. This is my birth story.

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Jaxon’s Birthday Recap: Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Jaxon’s first birthday was this past Monday, November 13th, 2017. The day went by a lot faster than I wanted it to. However, it was decided early on that we were not going to throw Jaxon a first birthday party. Most people were disappointed when we told them we were not having a party. I think that they assumed it meant that we were just not going to celebrate it at all. Really, y’all? However, throwing a birthday party is not the only way to commemorate the first birthday, nor do I think it is the BEST way. There are many first birthday ideas, but I will highlight my top 5.

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