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18-Month Update: Are Toddler Boys Rowdier Than Girls?


Are Toddler Boys Rowdier Than Girls?

Jaxon’s 18-Month Update

I have not updated you all on Jaxon in a very long time. But now is the best time to do so, because Jaxon turned 18-Months a few days ago. He is 6 months away from never being able to fly free ever again. 6 months away from TWO! I honestly believe that the “terrible twos” have started early for us. In the past couple of months, Jaxon has become extremely rowdy! So, it leads me to ask the question, “are toddler boys rowdier than girls?

toddler boys rowdier than girls

Jax’s Rowdy Behavior

Well, his behavior has been off the chain. He is getting older, so naturally, his vocabulary is beginning to expand and he is becoming a wonderful listener. Jaxon loves to sing and every day we catch him singing something new. His favorite word is “dog,” and his new favorite saying is, “no, I don’t! Yucky!” It’s super adorable and will make your heart melt.

Jax is a joy to be around, but his behavior is overwhelming at times. As an only child, he receives A LOT of undived attention from multiple people. I feel like he is aware of this.

But why is that lately, I have been breathing a sigh of relief whenever I put the little angel monster down for a nap or he finally knocks out for the night?

It’s the constant climbing on everything, the yelling, the hitting, the throwing things, and the ATTITUDE!

toddler boys rowdier than girls

OMG, the attitude!

He’s at the age where he understands if you tell him not to do something and he will obey. But with obedience also comes pouting, angry mugs, whining, and laying out on the floor. He HATES when people try to hold his hand, and he wants to do things on his own. But, then he’ll turn around and try to feed you his food.

It’s hard to imagine toddler girls with this behavior. I imagine that they too have issues with hitting and sassy attitudes, but I can’t help but feel like little boys have WAY more energy and are just downright ROUGH. It just feels to me like toddler boys are rowdier than girls.

Could I be right?

Research Proves Boys ARE Rowdier

According to research, “A boy’s brain secretes less serotonin than a girl’s. This makes boys more fidgety and quicker to act on impulse.”


There is some evidence that boys tend to be more easily agitated than girls and have a harder time self-soothing. According to one study, even when 6-month-old boys appeared as calm as the girls in the face of frustration, measures of heart rate and breathing suggested that they were actually experiencing greater distress (

Therefore, research suggests that toddler boys rowdier than girls because:

  • Boys are easily agitated
  • They are quicker to act on impulse
  • They take longer to express themselves verbally as opposed to girls
  • Less likely to notice emotional range in people’s voices
  • Boys tend to focus more on mechanical movement rather than human movement
  • Less likely to feel fear

No to “Bad”

So, I was right. If we had a daughter, she would be more chill than Jaxon.

We have a rule in our house that we will not call him “bad.”

The reason behind that is because we do not want him to associate his very normal toddler behavior with the term “bad.” I feel like if he grows up hearing “you’re so bad,” when he really isn’t, he’ll try to live up to the term, so to speak. It’s not his fault! He’s just a toddler.

Instead, we like to describe him to each other as “curious,” or “active.”

Tips on How We Discipline

When have seen that at this age, spankings are not effective when it comes to disciplining Jaxon. We’re not going to hit him hard, so when we do pop him on the hand, he just laughs. It doesn’t cause him pain, and he thinks it’s all a game. As a reaction, he’ll try to hit back.

That’s not what we want! *Face palm*

I have noticed that when I speak to him directly, “Jaxon, do not do that,” “Jax, you better sit down right now,” he obeys.

Another lesson that I have learned is that he just wants someone to pay him attention. A lot of his rowdy behavior shows the most when no one is paying him any attention. He absolutely loves playing outside and he loves watching Youtube. If he is acting rowdy, it’s probably because he is bored.


So, in conclusion, YES Jax is extremely rowdy and easily angered. NO it does not make him bad. NO we do not spank him. YES he is just bored. His behavior is how he communicates with us! We want to do whatever possible to keep that beautiful smile on his face, and we want to foster a parent/child relationship where he will always feel comfortable communicating with us.

Toddler boys are rowdier than girls. So next time someone tells you that it is easier to raise boys as opposed to girls, just look at them like this…



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