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Jaxon’s Birthday Recap: Baby’s First Birthday Ideas

Jaxon’s Birthday Recap: 5 First Birthday Ideas


Jaxon’s first birthday was this past Monday, November 13th, 2017. The day went by a lot faster than I wanted it to. However, it was decided early on that we were not going to throw Jaxon a first birthday party. Most people were disappointed when we told them we were not having a party. I think that they assumed it meant that we were just not going to celebrate it at all. Really, y’all? However, throwing a birthday party is not the only way to commemorate the first birthday, nor do I think it is the BEST way. There are many first birthday ideas, but I will highlight my top 5.

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We skipped on giving Jaxon a first birthday party for numerous reasons. The most important being that we live in Mississippi where my entire family is. Unfortunately, my immediate family consists of less than 10 people. Jaxon is only one of two children in this very small family, and he does not go to daycare. So, that would not make for a huge birthday party with lots of kids. Marquis has many brothers and sisters, a gang of nieces, nephews, cousins, and a few friends with children. The only downside to that is that they are all the way in Chicago. We obviously could not pack up and take a trip to Chicago, just for a birthday party.

How We Celebrated

Instead of throwing Jaxon a birthday party, we had photos taken of him, with a smash cake.

first birthday ideas

On the morning of, we woke up and filled his crib with balloons. That morning was his first time playing with balloons, and he absolutely LOVED them. We also spent that morning giving him a haircut. I want to say that it was his “first” haircut, but he had a mullet situation going on for the last 6 months, so we cut the long pieces of his hair a couple of weeks ago. This morning, he got his hair lined. It was a wonderful tradition to begin with him. Marquis, who cuts his own hair, was taught by the men in his family. Once Jaxon is old enough, Marquis will teach him how to cut his own hair. His hair is really curly, so I think we are going to let it grow out a bit before we actually cut any off.

first birthday ideas

first birthday ideas

That evening, we had cake, watched him eat more than he should have been allowed, and play with all of his new toys. In attendance were Marquis and myself, my mom, brother, cousins, grandma, and grandaddy. To me, it was a success. He is not going to remember this day, but when he looks back on pictures, he will see how happy he was to play with cake, toys, and balloons. Perfect for a one-year-old. And yes, he had two cakes in two weeks. Cause that what boss babies do.

first birthday ideas

first birthday ideas

As he gets older, if I opt-out of birthday parties, I will instead go with other first birthday ideas.

5 Ways to Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday

First Birthday Photoshoot

Like we did, having a first birthday photoshoot is a timeless way to commemorate the day. The incentive to pay for professional photos? They are high quality/high resolution. You can have them blown up to poster size, frame them in a gorgeous frame, and hang it on the wall in your home.

A trip to a Play Zone, Zoo, Park, Aquarium, etc.

South Mississippi is opening up an amazing aquarium in 2019. I am excited because I feel like that would be the perfect place to take Jaxon for his 2nd birthday. (I’m thinking ahead because clearly, a year goes by quicker than I’d like for it too). Until he is old enough to enjoy having friends, I feel like mommy and daddy taking him places will create great memories to look back on. I also do not want to have a party at a zoo and have to keep up with a bunch of children. Taking mine by himself seems way more fun. The day is all about him, right?

Tradition of Traveling Somewhere New

It is my goal to give Jaxon worldly experiences. This means traveling. I hope that I will get to a point where I can take him on a trip to a new city, state, or country every year. Marquis’ birthday is in December, so I think that we could make it a point to go on a family trip every year and call it a “birthday trip.” I want to collect pictures, tickets, and postcards and put them all in a scrapbook, to give Jaxon on his 18th birthday. This birthday idea will allow him to grow up experiencing different people and cultures. I can only hope that those experiences will fill him with gratitude and passion for life itself. The sooner we start, the more places we can get to!

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Write a Letter

Every year for your child’s birthday, I think that the time should be taken out to write a letter to them. Talk about what the past year has been like. Don’t leave out the bad parts. I do not plan to sugar coat things with Jaxon as he grows up. I want him to know the realities of life. On his 18th birthday, I will give him those letters, and he will see the *God willing* amazing, strong, blessed life that we have had with him thus far.

Create a Time Capsule

Want to take it up a notch? Put the letter in a time capsule along with any toys, clothes, shoes, and other objects that you are retiring. If I were to make a time capsule of Jaxon’s first year, I would put his outfit he wore on his way home from the hospital, his pacifier, his first pair of shoes, the hair from the mullet we cut off, a few toys that he no longer plays with, some photos, the measuring tape that was used to measure him, and probably something to commemorate our breastfeeding journey. This is a step up from a baby book (which I also have because I’m extra AF).

No matter what you decide to do to commemorate your baby’s first birthday and the birthdays from here on out, do something that your child will enjoy. I understand that it is also about us making memories as parents, but we want to try to do something meaningful and timeless. And if you’re anything like me, I’m dramatic, but not dramatic enough to throw a children’s party. LOL.

What did you do to celebrate your baby’s first birthday? Are there any first birthday ideas I didn’t mention that you think should be considered? Let me know!



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