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The 5-Step System to Gain More Blog Traffic


The 5-Step System to Gain More Blog Traffic

You are blogging your heart out, putting out your best work, have an editorial calendar, and you are on the roll. Yoast SEO gave you two green lights, so you hit “publish” and then you wait… and wait… check your analytics… and wait some more. Nothing! You feel like all of your hard work and passion is going to waste, because you are getting minimal views on your posts. You hear crickets. Your mom commented on your post, but it’s your mom. That’s what she’s supposed to do, right? But, what can you do to get your blog in front of more eyes and gain more blog traffic?


For a lot of popular bloggers, they have found the key to gaining more blog traffic. For them, it begins with Pinterest. There are Pinterest courses EVERYWHERE! As I mentioned in a previous post, ‘How to Master Pinterest for Beginners‘, the most important thing to do is pin.

A LOT. Start off pinning about 50-70 times per day.

The rule of thumb is to pin 20 percent of your content, and 80 percent of others. Do this on a daily basis. Another major key that is often overlooked is to pin multiple pins pointing back to the same article. Create multiple pins, with different looks, and different headlines, that link back to the same blog post. Promote the pins every 1-2 months.

gain more blog views

Posting Quality Content – Frequently

In my opinion, quality is always better than quantity. You cannot post your blog, promote it once or twice, and then you’re done. If it’s evergreen content, it needs to constantly be promoted. Those blog posts that have the most traffic need to be in your queue to be promoted often. 
Even I struggle with this and I know what needs to be done. I just do not always have the time to do it. However, I see success whenever I buckle down and take a couple days out at the beginning of the month and schedule each platform out for the entire month.
Search for automated systems that help you schedule it all like CoSchedule or Hootsuite
Conduct a site audit that will tell you what content is popular and what’s not. The popular content is what your readers like, so why not do more of that to gain more blog traffic?

Being Active On Social Media

69.3 percent of my web traffic in January came from social media. The other 30.7 percent was split between organic search (search engines), email, and referral traffic (backlinks).

This is why being active, and strong, on different social media platforms is so incredibly important.

Here is a breakdown of some ways you could possibly gain more blog traffic through each social platform.

Instagram: Put a LINK TREE link in your bio. You get up to 5 links. If you have over 10K followers, link your blog post to your stories. Highlights are a fairly new feature, but if you set them up nicely, new followers can see old stories.
gain more blog traffic

Twitter: The average amount of times you should be tweeting per day is 11. Out of that 11, 2-3 of those tweets should be links promoting your blog. For the first month ever, Twitter was my highest source of traffic on social media. I responded to a viral tweet with one of my blog posts that related to it, and it got a lot of attention. In the future,  I will continue plugging in my relevant blog posts under viral or popular tweets.

Snapchat: Add links to your snap stories. If you have a loyal following on Snapchat, then make sure you are utilizing it well. 

Facebook: Join Facebook groups that focus on your niche, and not full of other bloggers. While blogging groups will help with some traffic, if you do not “blog about blogging” then your content may not get you the boost in traffic you want to see, and it could also hurt your bounce rate. If you are a motivational blogger, however, look for groups that focus on motivation. Or if you are a fitness blogger, find groups that talk about fitness.

What do the group rules look like?

I once mentioned in a blog post that when I write about mom life, I promote those posts in a popular Boy Mom Facebook group, and I get good traffic.

Email marketing

Your email list is important because you gain more blog traffic! Use it!

Offer valuable advice that aligns with your niche and target audience. Leave your audience with wanting more from you and give them a reason to click over to your blog post. 

With an email list, you are not limiting yourself just to gaining traffic from social media.

Building a community

Are algorithm blues getting you down?

Instead of running from the changes, we need to be embracing them. The two most important algorithm changes that we have seen effect us are on Instagram and Facebook. Because of the algorithm changes on Facebook and Instagram, building a community is more important now than ever.

Instagram introduced the ability to follow hashtags. Create your own custom hashtag, and encourage your followers to follow it.

Also, with the algorithm hurting those of us who have Facebook fan pages, we have yet to see that change hurt Facebook groups. Create a Facebook group of your own, and encourage your audience to join. The group can offer conversation, tips, and tricks for your audience. Your reach will be a lot higher in a Facebook group that you run as opposed to a Facebook fan page. That’s why I created Business Bloggers + Girl Bosses!


Tell me below in the comments what you have done to boost your blog views! All of these methods in place worked for me beyond simple SEO & sporadically promoting on social media.

Also, download the quick tip sheet to keep handy!


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