i'm brittany bright

I'm an Influencer Marketing
Consultant and Social Media Strategist by day. By night, I'm a blogger & consultant. My #1 job, however, is MOM to my rambunctious toddler, Jaxon. I run influencer marketing campaigns for brands, blog, mom, consult & sleep. In no particular order. 

brand story

I've always been on my grind. However, in late 2016 my entire life changed in just a few short months. Just before this brand of mine was launched, I graduated with a bachelors of business administration in marketing and corporate relations. A week later, I started my first post-grad career job at an advertising agency. 3 months later, I gave birth to my one & only, Jaxon. 

That's right. I became an adult and a mother at the same time. I had to quickly shed the carefree life I lived, in order to  jump into more important roles. I gave birth. Not just to a son, but to a better version of myself. 

When I'm not with Jax, you can find me wheelin' and dealin' on my iPhone. I love steak, cheesecake, wine, Beyonce, anything rose gold and reading. Follow me on my post-grad, new mom journey because if I don't do anything else, I'll be sure to keep it real!

Mom Life

BeBright Daily is the ultimate hub for the millennial mom & business babe. However, none of this would be possible without me first giving birth to Jaxon. While my platform does not cater to strictly millennial moms, a lot of what I experience is based on being a young mother.  

I strongly believe that becoming a mother doesn't need to slow you down, change the way you look, dress, or handle business. If anything, motherhood is a motivator. 

#1. My favorite color is:

milennial pink

#2. i was born & raised in:

South Mississippi

#3. the 1 object i can't live without is:

my iPhone

#4. one day i hope to visit:

Paris, France

#5. My favorite celebrity is:


#6. you can find me binging:

Vampire Diaries

#7. i love spending time with:


#8. my go-to outfit choice:

Duster, Bodysuit, Jeans,  & Heels

#9. the best season of the year:


#10. superlative:

Most Likely to be Remembered

Blogging Faq

#1. bebright daily launched:

March 1, 2017

#2. i started blogging because:

I wanted to inspire like-minded women

#3. my favorite thing about blogging:

sharing my personal experiences

#4. i want to create more:

visual content

#5. my current niche is:

parenting, lifestyle, social media

#6. i grow my blog:

by building relationships with my  target audience

#7. i advise others to:

leave your safe zone

#8. best business advice:

Master one skill before you begin the next

#9. favorite platform to monetize:

InsTa  and Facebook

#10. if social media disappeared I'd:

I'd promote new things via my email list

brittany faq

All About Bee

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The Influencer League

I’m the founder and CEO of The Influencer League.

I founded this institution to help aspiring and up-and-coming influencers like you make the most of the “influencer” title. To shine as your authentic self, while growing your purpose-aligned following. I made it my mission to bridge the gap between brand and influencer, and actively combat the lack of diversity and gatekeeping along the way.

When you enroll for any of our programs, you’ll join a cohort of impassioned students who embody the go-getting yet collective-minded vision of achievement that forms the fabric of our institution.

We’re dedicated to delivering excellence in training, teaching, and support as you undergo your upcoming course of study.

We’re excited to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets you need to succeed.

And we’re ecstatic to have you do it with us.

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