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i'm brittany bright

I'm an Influencer Marketing Specialist for a PR agency by day. By night, I'm a blogger & consultant. My #1 job, however, is MOM to my rambunctious toddler, Jaxon. I run influencer marketing campaigns for brands, blog, mom, design pretty things (like this website), consult & sleep. In no particular order. 

brand story

I've always been on my grind. However, in late 2016 my entire life changed in just a few short months. Just before this brand of mine was launched, I graduated from the University of Mississippi with a bachelors of business administration in marketing and corporate relations. A week later, I started my first post-grad career job at an advertising agency. 3 months later, I gave birth to my one & only, Jaxon. 

That's right. I became an adult and a mother at the same time. I had to quickly shed the carefree life I lived, in order to  jump into more important roles. I gave birth. Not just to a son, but to a better version of myself. 

When I'm not with Jax, you can find me wheelin' and dealin' on my iPhone. I love steak, cheesecake, wine, Beyonce, anything rose gold and reading. I'm Mississippi Gulf Coast raised and Arkansas paid, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Follow me on my post-grad, new mom journey because if I don't do anything else, I'll be sure to keep it real!

#1. My favorite color is:

milennial pink

#2. i was born & raised in:

South Mississippi

#3. the 1 object i can't live without is:

my iPhone

#4. one day i hope to visit:

Paris, France

#5. My favorite celebrity is:


#6. you can find me binging:

Vampire Diaries

#7. i love spending time with:


#8. my go-to outfit choice:

Duster, Bodysuit, Jeans,  & Heels

#9. the best season of the year:


#10. superlative:

Most Likely to be Remembered

Blogging Faq

#1. bebright daily launched:

March 1, 2017

#2. i started blogging because:

I wanted to inspire like-minded women

#3. my favorite thing about blogging:

sharing my personal experiences

#4. i want to create more:

visual content

#5. my current niche is:

parenting, lifestyle, social media

#6. i grow my blog:

by building relationships with my  target audience

#7. i advise others to:

leave your safe zone

#8. best business advice:

Master one skill before you begin the next

#9. favorite platform to monetize:

InsTa  and Facebook

#10. if social media disappeared I'd:

I'd promote new things via my email list

brittany faq

get to know me
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All About bee


BeBright Daily is the ultimate hub for the millennial mom & business babe. However, none of this would be possible without me first giving birth to Jaxon. While my platform does not cater to strictly millennial moms, a lot of what I experience is based on being a young mother.  

I strongly believe that becoming a mother doesn't need to slow you down, change the way you look, dress, or handle business. If anything, motherhood is a motivator.