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Baby’s First Halloween Recap

Jax’s First Halloween Recap

Can you believe that we are TWO months away from the new year?! I need time to slow down. I do not think I am mentally, emotionally, or financially ready. I KNOW that I am not. The end of October meant celebrating Halloween with Jaxon for the first time. This was the last of the “first” holidays in Jaxon’s life. We have been through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day as a newborn. As well as Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July. Needless to say, they were all memorable. Last night was, surprisingly, on another level. And I have the pictures to prove it. Baby’s first Halloween did not go exactly as I envisioned it. I pictured us dressing up in coordinating costumes, taking Jax trick-or-treating, and him loving all the candy, even though he technically cannot eat it. However, it did not exactly go that way.

First of all, Marquis does not celebrate Halloween. And although I only remember dressing up a few times throughout my childhood and teen years, it was never a big thing in my household either. Despite all of that, I went ahead and bought a cute skeleton dress and matching outfit for Jaxon and me to wear sometime during the month, just to be festive. Marquis and I had multiple conversations about what we would dress up as a family, but as Halloween drew closer, bringing those costumes to fruition did not seem likely. In the end, our costumes were the skeleton outfits.

Fright Night

Living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has its perks. We get to live in incredibly beautiful, small, close-knit cities. We took Jaxon to a downtown community where all of the businesses in the area set up outside of their restaurants and shops and passed out candy. The roads were blocked off, and it was appropriately decorated for the holiday. It was the perfect location for trick-or-treating. Jaxon fell asleep in the car on the way there, so he was asleep when we first arrived.

He soon woke up, though, and probably wished he stayed asleep, When I say that everything frightened him, I mean EVERYTHING! Werewolves, pumpkin heads, plain pumpkins, YOU NAME IT! The biggest fright of the night was a man dressed up as a vampire, complete with fangs, white face paint, and blood. From that point on, anyone and anything was scary to him. And to be honest, they were lowkey scary to me too. So, I do not blame you, Jax. For baby’s first Halloween, I can say that it was more of an experience for mommy and daddy than it was for baby. I actually do not want him to remember. On the bright side, there were a few moments where he was extremely happy and playful. But, let someone in a costume get too close, and he was not happy.

When we made it home, he was exhausted, over taking pictures and just wanted to be put to sleep. We graciously obliged. Jaxon deserved all of the cuddles last night.

baby's first halloween

What We Wore

baby's first halloween


Dress: Boohoo | Shoes: Jessica Simpson

I was surfing the web in early October, window shopping as usual (cause I’mma broke boi), and Boohoo was having their 50% off sale. I quickly snagged this dress. It was just a coincidence that Carters had a similar black/silver skeleton onesie that I purchased for Jax. I also cleaned my closet and discovered that I have SEVEN pairs of knee boots, so these suede Jessica Simpson heeled boots were the choice I made. Marquis got these a few years ago on sale at Belk for me as a Christmas gift.

baby first halloween

Onesie: Carters


I found a quick 10-minute tutorial on Youtube by Bronte Jones for a smokey/contoured skull look. It took a lot longer than 10 minutes, and I hate that I am not a beauty guru, because I did not have the proper camera or lighting to capture the contoured looks of the skull. But, not bad for a last minute sugar skull. I completed the entire look with my Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. 

baby's first halloween

I tried my very best to paint a little bit of skeleton makeup on Jaxon. But, he’s a baby boy, so I knew that wasn’t going to fly. Sitting still is not his forte.

All in all, our baby’s first Halloween was one to remember. Because neither Marquis nor myself are big on Halloween, I’m not sure if we will celebrate next year, but we’ll see!

So that’s it, for Jaxon’s “first” holidays. His birthday is in less than two weeks, and the tears have already begun flowing.


  1. Kyia says:

    He looks so precious in these photos!! And I love your costume! So cute!

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