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Slay the Day: The Celebrity Jumpsuit

Slay of the Week: The Celebrity Jumpsuit

“Cause I slay, all day…”

The look of the week coming to you is the celebrity jumpsuit from November 2015. I FINALLY got to wear this jumpsuit that I bought in early 2016. Right before I got pregnant, I purchased a bunch of cute new outfits, this being one of them. Well, once I found out I was expecting, and I started gaining weight, I did not feel like dressing cute. I mean, there was a little baby bump! Granted, I would have looked cute with my little bump, but I was not feeling it.

I purchased this outfit from one of my favorite boutiques, Electric Boutique.

I paired the outfit with my favorite nude Jessica Simpson pumps. You can find the details to where I found those on my slay post about the Fourth of July.

This outfit is perfect for when you want to slay Girls Night Out. It is fitted, but not too tight. However, there are some cons to this outfit as well. It is super low-cut, and it is possible that you will slip out of the top. The avoid that, try wearing individual cups that are adhesive. You can get an idea of what that looks like from this set of adhesive cups from Nordstrom.

Kendall Jenner Jumpsuit

Adhesive Bra from Nordstrom


The outfit is not available anymore from Electric Boutique, but keep scrolling and you can still find similar looks below.



Kendall Jenner Jumpsuit

Fashion Nova


Kendall Jenner Jumpsuit

Pretty Little Thing

Kendall Jenner Jumpsuit



Kendall Jenner JumpsuitKendall Jenner JumpsuitKendall Jenner Jumpsuit

  1. Diana says:

    Absolutely stunning… I love everything you wear, always well put together!

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