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Easter 2017 Recap: Newborn Easter Photo Ideas

Newborn Easter Photo Ideas

Easter 2017 Recap: Newborn Easter Photo Ideas

This Easter was a special holiday, much like all of Jaxon’s “first holidays.” However, anytime Mommy and Daddy get to spend time with Jax together as a family is considered special. For those who don’t know, Dad attends school 5 hours away from us. Luckily, all of Jaxon’s big holidays were spent with both of his parents. For Easter, we took family photos. If you know anything about taking pictures with boys and men, then you KNOW how difficult it is to do. Here is what we got out of our Newborn Easter photo ideas!

At 5 months, we finally got it together and went to our first portrait session. Jax is an incredibly happy baby and does well with taking pictures. All he has to do is look at someone smiling and he will smile. Unfortunately, the super-creepy photographer made him cry! I think we got a few good photos before the tears came, though. As for dressing baby and daddy, it went better than I had planned.

Jaxon wore a white Ralph Lauren button down, blue chinos from Old Navy, and brown Kenneth Cole loafers that we found on sale at Dillard’s. My mushy-mom-moment came when I realized how well Jax could fit into a size 6M shirt. It just shows how quickly time is flying by, and that he is a month shy of is half-birthday. I guess it’s time to start thinking about his first birthday party. (Yikes!)

Marquis wore a yellow Ralph Lauren button down, blue chinos from Belk, and brown Ralph Lauren loafers. The idea of wearing anything that doesn’t have the Nike swoosh or something he can’t play basketball it doesn’t appeal to him, but I lured him in with the idea of getting the chance to match with his baby boy. I’ve known him for over 3 years, and this is the first time I have ever seen him wear this kind of outfit (don’t ask how date nights go). I must say, I loved it! I wonder what else I can do to entice him into wearing more button downs and dress shoes?

As for me, I wore a simple pale pink top that I got on sale at Belk. We also had a portrait session that included my grandma, mom, brother, sister, Jaxon, and me. The women wore pale pink while my brother and Jax wore chambray shirts and khaki pants. So, I ended up wearing the same thing for both sessions. Initially, I was also going to wear a Ralph Lauren button-down, but we were pressed for time, so I stuck with the shirt and white jeans that I bought 5-6 years ago that I’m surprised I can still fit.

After pictures, we all went to eat and enjoyed each other’s company.

Newborn Easter Photo Ideas

I put my iPhone 7 plus and beginner level Photoshop skills to use and took a few pictures of Jax in an Easter basket, surrounded by plastic eggs. My phone is full of pictures and videos of him, with hopes that we can start putting together his baby book.

Sunday was our lazy day, which was very much needed. Dad gets to spend the rest of the week with us before heading back to school. Yay for online classes!


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