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My First Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day 2017 Recap

First Mother's Day

My First Mother’s Day

Let me just start by saying, WOW! I had a wonderful first Mother’s Day with my mom, grandma, and Jaxon. This day last year, I was getting close to being 3 months pregnant, but at that time, we had not told anyone but my mom. Being the person that she is, she surprised me with a *secret* Mom-to-be card and balloon. I didn’t consider myself a MOM then because I was just coming to grips with actually BECOMING a mom. So, this year was my first real celebration.

Saturday, May 13th

I had every intention of getting up early to be the first person at the nail shop. I wanted a spa mani/pedi, and a nice massage. Unfortunately, I only woke up early to nurse Jax, and go back to sleep. I rolled out of bed around 1 p.m. because I finally became hungry enough to force myself out of the bed. Sleeping in on the weekends is a necessity because if you know anything about me, you’ll know that I am NOT a morning person! I pulled myself together and got cute enough to go out to lunch with my mom and Jaxon.

We debated on where we should go eat and ended up at the Reef in Biloxi. It sits on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. The food is DELICIOUS and if you’re a stickler for domestic seafood, then this is your place! Not only was Saturday a celebration for my first Mother’s Day, but Jaxon also turned six months! Time is flying by. How do I make it slow down? 

After a late lunch/early dinner, we went to the mall and finished getting last minute Mother’s Day gifts. Afterwards, we stopped at a nearby hotel to take a few photos of Jaxon. Like I have said before, I am his personal mommarazi. I’m in the process of putting together his baby book, and I want as many photos of him as possible! My mom and I spent the rest of that evening chilling, sipping our favorite wine, and eventually drifting off to sleep.

I ended up wearing a jacket/vest from Shop Forever I wore the sleeveless jacket as a dress and paired it with a super-comfortable pair of maroon Jessica Simpson heels. More info about that outfit is here.

Sunday, May 14th

My first Mother’s Day began with a gift from Jaxon! My mom had already told me that he got me something, but I could not imagine what it could be! Well, Jaxon got me a personalized Yankee Candle! It’s gorgeous, and I don’t think I can stand to burn it. We also went to church.

When I moved back home last August, I was pregnant and tired. I did not make the time to attend church, but I did make sure I still paid my tithes. We felt like Mother’s Day would be the perfect time for Jaxon to go to church for the first time. He is able to sit up completely on his own, and he is pretty quiet for a baby. We’re also out of the “flu season” danger zone, so I’m more willing to take him places where I know a lot of people are going to want to hold him and play with him. Because I attend a very small church out in the country, I knew that would happen. 

I’m a little limited on church outfits at the moment, so my grandmother approved of this cute off-the-shoulder dress in mauve from Shop Forever I paired it with my go-to nude Jessica Simpson pumps. You can find details on that outfit here.

After church, we visited the family cemetery where my lovely great-grandmother is buried and we placed flowers on her grave. The rest of the day is full of relaxation. This weekend was a wonderful weekend to me because I got to do a little bit of everything. I did not feel overwhelmed or busy, and I never felt bored. Since I work Monday through Friday, my only real days to relax are the weekends, and they are my only days to get things done. When there is a balance of the two, then I consider it perfect.

I also published a blog post about two new mommy’s that have inspired me. This was also their first Mother’s Day. You can read that story here.

  1. Lashunda Golder says:

    Beautiful story!!! Happy Mother’s Day, I am enjoying your blogs, please keep them coming. Your mom is beautiful inside and out!!! Baby Jaxon is so Blessed to have you as his mother, keep being great!!!

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