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Fourth of July Outfit – Weekend Looks

Fourth of July Outfit – Weekend Looks

Fun and Flirty Fourth of July

As I stated in my long-winded, but simple post about the Fourth of July weekend here, I did not do much. However, I made it a point to dress cute at least once over the four day weekend. Interested? Continue reading to see what my Fourth of July Outfit looked like, and check out the gallery at the end of this post.

I could have taken the opportunity to get dressed up every day, but there is a lot that goes into looking cute. It takes a lot of time, and TBH, I don’t have that kind of time. Nor do I have that kind of energy. I could highlight the super ADORABLE (sarcasm) pairs of Nike shorts with mismatched t-shirts that are at least 5 years old, that I wore on Saturday and Sunday, but that’s not glamorous. Maybe one day I will put together a “Tired Mom Look-Book.” Guaranteed to do numbers.

On Monday, I decided that I was tired of looking like a troll doll, and spent a couple of hours playing dress up. I wore the cutest off-the-shoulder, bell-sleeve top from Fashion Nova. The fun thing about this top is that it is a crop-top, but if you wear high-waisted jeans, then you do not have to show much or your mid-section. (YAY for hiding my “mommy marks”). The downside to this shirt is that it is VERY hard to move around in it. It rides up on your shoulders, and you have to keep pulling it down. This shirt is not made to shop in. It’s to look cute in. That’s about it. I paired the outfit with my go-to nude, Jessica Simpson pumps. You’ll see in most of my fashion posts, that I will be wearing Jessica Simpson heels. Because, love.

Another thing to add is that it was HOT! Mississippi Heat is no joke. While out and about on Monday, I did not sweat in this shirt. It’s airy, and you will not burn up in this Mississippi heat. Or where ever you may be in this world. I purchased the shirt in December, and I believe that if I would have worn it then, I would have been fine too.

On the Fourth of July, I dug through my trunk full of clothes and pulled out a plain, red Ralph Lauren t-shirt and a pair of blue, Ralph Lauren logo shorts. What’s more American than Ralph Lauren clothes? Jaxon also wore a Ralph Lauren t-shirt.

For my super cute Monday outfit, you can get the look here:

Top: Fun & Flirty Top –

Shoes: Claudette Pump –


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