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Fourth of July Recap: Four Day Weekend Bliss

Fourth of July Recap

4-day Weekends, FTW

The Fourth of July promises of sun, sand, vacation, fireworks, and FOOD. We won’t talk about patriotism. We. Just. Won’t. However, that is the exact opposite of what I ended up doing. I had a four day weekend, and I had so much free time, I did not know what to do with myself! Why use my weekdays off of work preparing food for a cookout, going to events, or mingling with people? That’s WAY too much energy to exert on the occasional off day. So, just to be clear, this post will not be about all of the amazing things I did during my four day weekend. However, in this Fourth of July recap, I will discuss what that four day weekend meant to me while explaining just how lazy I was!

What I Did

On Saturday, the upcoming holiday looked promising. I repeatedly asked everyone if we should take Jaxon to the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was hot, and dipping in some cold water seemed refreshing. Plus, it is only a two-hour drive from where I live. The question was received with mixed feelings and “maybes.” That’s when I knew, we weren’t going anywhere, nor were we going to at least TRY. Okay, cool. I’ll just lay around the house, catch up on some sleep, clean up, maybe give the dogs a bath (Spoiler: I didn’t). I also washed my hair. FUN!

Sunday – Today is the day. Today is the day that we’re finally going to go to the beach. I even got Jaxon up early to try on his swimsuit that I purchased when he was 5 months old. He’s almost 8 months. It’s a 3-6 month suit, but luckily, he could still fit it. I feel like he is going to be a tall, thin child when he gets older. Well, we didn’t go to the beach and once again, we didn’t even TRY. We also did not give the dogs a bath. Poor pups.

Monday – TODAY IS THE DAY! We’re going to the beach. Nope. Still no beach. However, I shook things up a little bit and actually got dressed to go SOMEWHERE. We went to the mall, but it was uneventful. Monday was yet another day wasted.

Tuesday – WE FINALLY GAVE THE DOGS A BATH! Giving two, fully grown Labrador Retrievers a bath is a chore in itself. That’s all I needed to do for the day. Honestly. Truly. The end.

Fourth of July Recap What I Wore

On Monday, I decided that I was tired of looking like a troll doll, and spent a couple of hours playing dress up. I wore the cutest off-the-shoulder, bell-sleeve top from Fashion Nova. The fun thing about this top is that it is a crop-top, but if you wear high-waisted jeans, then you do not have to show much or your mid-section. The downside to this shirt is that it is VERY hard to move around in it. It rides up on your shoulders, and you have to keep pulling it down. This shirt is not made to shop in. It’s to look cute in. That’s about it. I paired the outfit with my go-to nude, Jessica Simpson pumps. You’ll see in most of my fashion posts, that I will be wearing Jessica Simpson heels. Because love.

On the Fourth of July, I dug through my trunk full of clothes and pulled out a plain, red Ralph Lauren t-shirt and a pair of blue, Ralph Lauren shorts. What’s more American than Ralph Lauren clothes? Jaxon also wore a Ralph Lauren t-shirt. Fourth of July Recap

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Why I Needed It

I feel like my four day weekend full of nothingness was a huge success. Reason being is that I spent it with my family. We laid around, watched movies, slept, and ate some good BBQ. Since Jaxon has been born, and I am working full-time, I have not had an off day that didn’t involve traveling or going to a doctor’s appointment. I never get an off day that involves doing NOTHING. My mental health was suffering. I wanted, no NEEDED, a “Me Day.” When the weekend began, I thought that my “Me Day” would involve me taking some time away from my family, Jaxon included, and just spend some time alone. However, it did not go down that way.

It’s bittersweet because I really wanted to have a day to myself. Outside of being a mother, I’m still a woman. I was sad that it did not happen for me. I did, though use this as a time to have a lazy day with my family, which also does not happen often. There was no sense of urgency to get anything done. That is really important when you’re young, and you feel like you have to do EVERYTHING all of the time.

I needed this weekend because I needed some sense of relaxation. In the end, it did not matter whether I was at a spa, or in the backyard giving my dogs a bath.



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