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How to Conquer Motherhood & Feel Great While Doing So


How to Conquer Motherhood & Feel Great While Doing So

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how to conquer motherhood

I wear many hats, and I have many jobs. However, Motherhood is my most important job. It is never an easy feat, though. That doesn’t mean that I have to compromise on my style and comfort. As a toddler mom, I’m always on “Go” mode and comfort is more important now than ever. Since becoming a mom, my body has made some MAJOR changes, which means I’ve also had to make some lifestyle changes. Thanks to Always and Walmart, I’ve found what works for me. Here is how to conquer motherhood and feel great while doing so.

how to conquer motherhood

Lifestyle Changes

In the past, I’ve spoken about the challenges my body went through during my pregnancy and childbirth. With the growth of my fibroid tumor, also came with changes to my menstrual cycle and how my body reacted to certain products I would use before pregnancy. Before becoming pregnant, tampons were my “go-to” product. Since my tumor grew, my period returned with a vengeance.

Now that my I’ve been through childbirth, the growth of my tumor, and my c-section, tampons just do not work for me anymore. They simply cause me extreme discomfort now.

Naturally, I was super excited to find out that Always Radiant and Walmart introduced two new sizes that are the perfect fit for a woman’s size and flow. Following the Always Size Selector Tool™ guidelines, there is now an Always Radiant pad that will work for every underwear size and menstrual flow combination. Using the Size Selector Tool, women can easily find the right-sized pad for their unique monthly cycle. The fabulous FlexFoam™ absorbs 10 times its weight for protection you’ll forget is even there. It also gives you up to 10 hours of worry-free protection. And of course, these amazing pads are available every day at Walmart’s low prices.

After using the Always Radiant pads for a week, I knew that there was no turning back. They are small and have a fresh scent. I was skeptical at first, but, so much power is packed into such a small pad. The protection gave me confidence in the changes that my body has experienced, and now I feel like I know how to conquer motherhood.

Radiantly Stylish

how to conquer motherhood

When I feel comfortable, I feel stylish.

No mother should have to compromise her style just to feel comfortable. Self-care is a huge part of knowing how to conquer motherhood and feel great while doing so. Our self-esteem plays a significant role in our self-care routine. If we feel great about ourselves, then those good vibes will transfer to our children and everyone else around us. When I feel comfortable, I feel stylish. Here are 4 Tips on how to conquer motherhood while being radiantly stylish.

Never compromise style for comfort

As active moms, we have to be in great shape, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I mean, we have to chase kids around all day! We have to go to work, cook, clean, and shop on top of all of that. Obviously, we want to be as comfortable as we possibly can while we’re living the “Momthelete (Mom + Athlete)” life. But, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

We know our bodies, and we know what works for us and what doesn’t. I conquer motherhood by accepting the way my body is and styling myself to fit my lifestyle. Those days when I’m not with my little one, I find joy in dressing up and throwing a cute pair of heels or wedges. If it’s mommy & me day, then you will find me in some stylish athletic wear and a cute pair of sneakers.

Style does equal comfort.

Eliminate doubt

When you doubt yourself, you are telling yourself that you are not good enough. Eliminate your self-doubt by telling yourself that “you can.” You can be successful, you can knock out your to-do list, you can do it all. Working moms, stay-at-home moms, and work-at-home moms alike.

Wake up early

I always find my days a lot more productive when I wake up a few hours earlier than my son. I get to drink coffee, take a bubble bath, and relax before the chaos of my day begins.

When you start your day relaxed, you will be more prepared for the challenges that will arise.

Always come prepared

You know the saying, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it? Yea, well no truer words have ever been spoken. That’s why I cannot go anywhere without a fully packed baby bag. When I have everything I need, I feel like I have this motherhood thing under control.

What’s in my baby bag?

My baby bag isn’t just for Jaxon, but for myself as well. In my baby bag, I keep:


  • Extra diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Change of clothes
  • Toy
  • Cup of water
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses (because he’s cool)


  • Always Radiant pads
  • Lipstick
  • Perfume
  • Lotion
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunglasses (because I’m sorta kinda cool too)
  • Mascara
  • Always planner

how to conquer motherhood


I hope that this post about how to conquer motherhood and feel great while doing so has inspired you to make it a point to put mommy’s self-care at the top of your daily “to-do” list. Visit for more information.

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