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Jaxon’s 2018 Christmas Gift Guide – Christmas Gifts for Toddlers


Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

If you’re a last minute shopper like I am, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I will be reviewing a few Christmas gifts for toddlers that make perfect gifts for the holidays. With Jaxon’s birthday being so close to Christmas (November 13th), the past month has been full of gift-receiving. Now that Jaxon is two, and he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to his letters, numbers, shapes, colors, etc, watching him play with toys has become one of my favorite pastimes.

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Purchasing Christmas gifts for a two-year-old can be tricky. They are at that age where they are old enough to begin grasping the concept of Santa Claus and Christmas, and they enjoy unwrapping things. Yet, they aren’t old enough to tell you exactly what they want for Christmas, and they are still in the process of discovering what they like.

For us, we haven’t had a difficult time figuring out what Jaxon likes. Because he is really young, it’s easy to assume that he will play with any toy – But that’s not true. We have noticed that his favorite toys are puzzles and anything involving farm animals. He is also really into electronics.

We are that family where technology has played a huge part in Jaxon’s development. We do not shy away from screen-time, because it has proven to be really beneficial for us.

This list is based on Jaxon’s personal interests as well as items that have aided in his educational and verbal development.

2018 Gift Guide

VTech Write & Learn Activity Desk

The VTech Explore Write & Learn Activity Desk is a birthday gift from my mom and grandma. Since Jaxon has gotten it, it has been one of his go-to toys. This activity desk is perfect for him because it provides him with a different form of learning that what he’s used to. Normally, he is taught through videos, or us going through flashcards. This activity desk is hands-on & allows him the freedom to pick & choose WHAT he wants to learn & how he wants to learn it. The desk comes with 2 “cards.” The cards are plugged into the desk, and whatever lesson is on the card, is what the desk will teach him.


In the photo above, Jaxon has inserted the “Body” lesson. With this lesson, the activity desk will call out different parts of the body. All Jaxon has to do is press the part of the body he wants to learn. Another feature of the desk will ask Jaxon to point to a specific body part. If he chooses correctly, he will get a “good job!” If he chooses wrong, it will ask him to pick again.

Additional Features

The “Write” part of the desk is one that Jaxon is having fun with, but hasn’t quite grasped. Mostly because he just turned two and he hasn’t learned how to write yet. He can hold a writing utensil, color, & scribble. But we have yet to start working on writing letters or numbers. However, the desk will guide the toddler on how to write each letter and number using the stylus pen.

If you are looking for educational hands-on Christmas gifts for toddlers, then this is the perfect gift for you.

LeapFrog 2-in-1 Laptop & Tablet

Christmas gifts for Toddlers

We’ve had a blast with this LeapFrog 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet since my sister purchased it for Jaxon. This laptop has 5 different modes that include alphabet, numbers, email, and games. Jaxon always forces himself in my lap whenever I am typing away on my laptop. He likes to look at the keyboard and call out different letters and numbers that he sees. This laptop/tablet remedies that.

If only I had a quarter for every time Jaxon has disabled something on my laptop from pressing random buttons.

This toy is pretty self-explanatory. It functions as a laptop, but when it’s closed, can transform into a touch-screen tablet.

Special Features

My favorite feature on this laptop is the email mode. When Jaxon switches to it, he receives an email and can type out his response. It’s my favorite because since he knows how to identify his letters & numbers, I can guide him on what letters to choose to type out his response. It has been really fun to see his excitement grow with this toy.

Paw Patrol Read-to-Me

Another gift is Jaxon’s Christmas gifts for toddlers gift guide is the VTech Paw Patrol Marshall’s Read-To-Me Adventure. What I love about this toy is that it incorporates two of Jaxon’s favorite things. Reading & Paw Patrol. Jaxon was introduced to Paw Patrol a couple of months ago. However, he has been hooked since then, and can even ask you to turn Paw Patrol on for him to watch.

My heart fluttered when I heard him singing the theme song! *swoons*

I can’t wait to see him grow with this toy.


Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Melissa & Doug Puzzles

Basketball Goal (Coordination/Sports)

Delta Children Paw Patrol Easel (Chalkboard & Dry Erase Board)


Stuffed Animals

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers

Jaxon’s imagination is starting to grow. He has begun giving his toys names. He has a bath toy that is a penguin named “Woah Woah.”

Tablet Accessories

Youtube has been instrumental in our teachings for Jaxon. Our go-to channel on Youtube is Super Simple Songs.

Buddy Phone Explore Headphones 

iPad Protective Case 



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