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Jaxon’s First Trip to the County Fair

Jaxon’s First Fair

This past weekend our family had a blast! We decided to take Jaxon to the county fair. This time last year, I was at this very same fair basically 9 months pregnant, chowing down on funnel cake, cotton candy, chicken-on-a-stick, and everything in between. At the time, I had in my mind that Jaxon would not be old enough to go to the fair, but flash forward to a year later with Jaxon 11 months old, and here we are!

The main reason for taking Jaxon to the fair was for him to interact with the animals, and ride a few kiddie rides. He is very funny acting with our two labs, Onyx and Bella, so I became interested in seeing how he would react to the cows, goats, and chickens.  Not to our surprise, he acted the same with the animals at the fair. Jaxon likes to LOOK at animals, but he doesn’t like to touch. If he gets too close, he will whine and hold our necks a little more tightly than normal. I would rate this experience a 6/10.

baby's first fair

The next thing we decided to do was get fair food. Before Jaxon, our only goal for going to the county fair was to snag as many fair foods as we could. So, of course, we couldn’t pass that up. Jaxon had his first taste of cotton candy. His poker face is legendary because he didn’t show any signs of enjoying the cotton candy.

After we stuffed ourselves with fair food, we bought tickets and went to find a ride that Jaxon was big enough to get on. Sadly, there were only 2 or 3. The first ride was a bumblebee ride that slowly goes up and down in the air as it rotates. Jaxon yelled once, but I’m not exactly sure if they were excitement yells, or “what the hell is going on?” yells. Either way, he did not cry, and for me, that was a success. 8/10.

baby's first fair

At this point, I am super excited because it was MY turn to ride something with Jaxon. Unfortunately, that one ride wore him out to the point where he knocked out shortly after. Poor Jax’s first fair experience quickly came to an end as he fell asleep in his stroller.

baby's first fair

Not only was this Jaxon’s first trip to the fair, but it was Marquis’ as well. I was able to convince him to ride one extremely sketchy ride with him and let me just say, it was HILARIOUS.

All in all, the experience was a great one. The weather was absolutely perfect, and it was not too crowded. I would rate it an overall 7/10. I know that next year will be even more fun because Jax will be big enough to ride more rides, eat more food, and enjoy the experience more.

baby's first fair

baby's first fair

baby's first fair

baby's first fair

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