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Mommy and Me Halloween Costume 2018


Mommy & Me Halloween Costume 2018

So we are back with our second edition of the Mommy and Me Halloween Costume for 2018! Last year, I did a recap on November 1st to show how I celebrated baby’s first Halloween, AND his last “first holiday.” Because Jaxon’s birthday is November 13, Halloween always serves as his last holiday before he turns a new age. If you haven’t read it yet, check out halloween recap from his first Halloween.

Fall Festival

I understand that Halloween is every October 31st, but I recently read an article from CNN about how people are petitioning to get Halloween moved to the last weekend of the month.

In my opinion, that wouldn’t be such a terrible idea simply because when Halloween falls on a weekday, it’s really hard to have to go to work AND take your child to any holiday festivities. Most of them end around 5-6PM, and if you work until 5PM every day like I do, it’s impossible to make it with your fully dressed children somewhere on time. On the other hand, Halloween is a national holiday, which would mean the only way it gets changed, is if the President makes the change, and he doesn’t have a good track history with that (yikes).


We kicked off our Halloween festivities the weekend before by going to a local pumpkin patch.

Mommy and Me Costume

It was actually Jaxon’s first time going to a pumpkin patch and I am so happy to announce that he had a blast! He was able to go on a hay ride, pick out a little pumpkin, play in a pool of corn kernels, eat kettle corn, and pet animals! I would recommend every parents have their child experience a good old fashioned pumpkin patch at least once.

Year 2

Halloween 2018 went A LOT better than Halloween 2017 did. Now that Jaxon is older, he is beginning to understand and recognize more. He was not as freaked out as he was last year. While scary vampires and witches still give him a fright, he knew what they were. You can point at a ghost and ask him what it is, and he will tell you, “Issa ghost! BOOO!”

So, of course, Halloween was a lot more fun this time around. There were some plus and minuses that we experienced this time around, but we rocked our mommy and me halloween costume, so let me dig in real quick.

New Home

I have not gotten a chance to talk about it on the blog yet, but I have moved! We live in Fayetteville, Arkansas now. I moved here at the end of September to start a new job at a PR agency. Unfortunately, I do not have any friends or family here, so we didn’t have any clue as to where we would be taking Jaxon for trick-or-treating.

Fortunately, my new job is super amazing, and the employees were able to bring their kids to the office for trick-or-treating! Talk about a good company culture…

Halloween Day

This year, I got to go all out with a work costume. My team decided to dress up and decorate our space as a haunted high school. To avoid having to purchase two costumes, I thought it was fitting to wear my old cheerleading uniform and dress up as a zombie cheerleader. The highlight of this costume was realizing that almost 10 years later, I can still fit my high school uniform perfectly. Go Gators!

Mommy and Me Costume

Back in August, I thought of the perfect family costume idea. I came up with the idea to dress Marquis, Jaxon & I up as characters from Aladdin. Marquis was going to be Aladdin, I would be Jasmine, and Jaxon would be Raj, Jasmines pet tiger. However, it completely slipped my mind that Marquis does not celebrate Halloween. So, I had to rethink my idea and come up with something new and cute.

That’s how I settled on Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

Halloween Night

mommy and me halloween costume

For some reason, I really wanted Jaxon to dress up like a little animal. But, you know me. I have to stick with the whole Mommy and Me Halloween costume/Mommy and Son costume idea. I tried to search for ideas on Pinterest for costumes for mothers and sons, but nothing ORIGINAL was showing up.

Then, I saw an ad from Target that had a Little Red Riding Hood family costume idea, and the rest is history.

mommy and me halloween costume

Thanks to a new customer discount at Halloween Costumes, I was able to score both of our costumes for only $50. The shipping was an extra $6.99, but it was worth it because it arrived in 3 days!

I was happy that we were able to do trick-or-treating at the office, because it was cold and rainy the ENTIRE day. We were going to go to the downtown area and go from business to business trick-or-treating like we did last year, but they moved the event to an inside location, and changed the times to 3-5. Since I was working until 5, I couldn’t take him.

Luckily, Jaxon is only “2,” so he had no idea that he was missing out on trick-or-treating. Crisis averted for now… I can’t imagine what it will be like if this happens once he gets older.

Thanks for reading this recap of our mommy and me halloween costume for 2018. I’m already excited for next year!

mommy and me halloween costume

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