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Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas


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Mother’s Day Outfit Ideas

This Mother’s Day weekend, I wanted to keep it sassy, but cute. Here are a couple of my Mother’s Day outfit ideas!

Down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it gets HOT! So how do you stay cool, but classy? Well, thanks to Forever21, I found this super cute sleeveless, khaki jacket/vest. Instead of wearing the typical jeans/top combo, I chose to wear it as a dress. To match, I wore a pair of maroon Jessica Simpson heels for a pop of color. It was perfect for our beach-side balcony lunch (you can read about that here). The dress is sold out online, but you can get a similar look with the Contemporary Belted Jacket.


mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend

mother's day weekend


On Mother’s Day, I wore an Off-the-Shoulder Midi Dress with a pair of nude Jessica Simpson heels. I clearly LOVE Jessica Simpson shoes. The best part about this off-the-shoulder dress is that you can have it as low or as high on your shoulders as you please. And because I decided to wear it to church, I felt comfortable enough when I had the sleeves pulled up high.


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