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National Best Friend Day: 10 Reasons to Thank Your Best Friend

National Best Friend Day

National Best Friend Day

It’s National Best Friend Day! If you know me, then you know that I am a sucker for “National Days.”  It gives me the perfect excuse to celebrate silly, cool, or important things. For instance, getting donuts on National Donut Day, or buying my dogs treats for National Pet Day. I also petition for “National Put Money in Your Daughters Account Day.” *Hint* *Hint*, Mom. In honor of National Best Friend Day, I am dedicating this article to the best friends in my life.

With the hustle and bustle going on in our lives, we might not get the opportunity to tell our best friends “thank you.”  We might not get the opportunity to see them often, and we may even have to miss out on important events going on in each other’s lives. However, when the time comes, my friends are right there. I’m not talking about just the friends I have now or the friends I had in college or high school, but my DAY 1’s. Literally, and figuratively. I am the girl that can make friends very easily. But, I am also the girl that is extremely selective with who I consider a friend, and who I choose to share my personal life with.

Thank You, Best Friend:

  1. For not infringing upon my personal space – This is number one because I LOVE MY PERSONAL SPACE! It’s my solitude. It’s my time to unwind from whatever it was I did that day. Unfortunately, there are friends (none of mine) that do not know the meaning of PERSONAL SPACE and they will get salty if you don’t want to be bothered! National Best Friend Day is NOT for those type of friends. So, thank you, Best Friends, for understanding how important it is to give me space.
  2. For complimenting me – We all have those days where we feel completely crappy. Just going in hard on ourselves. Well, the type of friends I have will hype me up to the extreme. Thank Y’all, for making me feel better about myself. Sometimes, I REALLY need it. And whenever you need a hype (wo)man, LET ME KNOW! I got you!
  3. For actually WANTING to see me winThere are “friends” out there that do not want to see you be successful or happy. Crazy, right?! I firmly believe that I have surrounded myself with people that want me to be successful. But, it’s not a one-way street. I want my friends to let me know what I can do to also make them more successful and happy.
  4. For accepting me the way I amFunny story… My best friend helped plan my baby shower. My BFF KNOWS I am like Godzilla when it comes to getting what I want. She made inputs when appropriate, and stepped back when appropriate. She knew that if I was making the wrong decisions, that I would eventually realize it on my own. What’s even better is that she saved the, “I told you so.” Thank you, for accepting my sometimes craziness and letting me figure things out on my own. People don’t need overbearing friends to jump down their throats about any little thing.
  5. For making me comfortable to be myself. –  To piggyback off #4, I have to say “thank you” for making me comfortable to be myself. It’s not just about being comfortable enough to “let loose,” but it’s also about being comfortable enough to show the undesirable side of myself. I can be talkative, I can be sarcastic, and I can be moody and quiet. But, I’m comfortable enough to show that side to my best friends. I have friends that have a very strong personality like mine, and I have friends that are sensitive that you have to tip-toe around. I’m okay with that! They are comfortable enough to show me that they are not perfect, and I can roll with it. I also feel comfortable enough to just sit in silence.
  6. For attending my events – I cannot stress how important just showing up is! One of my BFF’s drove five hours to my baby shower, broke down not even halfway there on the DAY OF, and STILL made it! I have had friends show up to things that were super simple or extremely important to me. THANK YOU! I understand everyone cannot come to everything. I can’t either. But when possible, I do TRY. And just knowing you TRIED is good enough. National Best Friend Day exists because of you.
    National Best Friend Day

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  7. For visiting me – A few days after I gave birth, one friend came to visit me at home. Because I had a C-section, it was imperative that I get up and walk around. She came over, held Jaxon, changed him, let me rest, and even got me up to take a walk down the street. That really went a long way with me. It was simple but significant. I’ve had friends that have come home to visit just for a day or two, and made it a point to try and hang out. I know how tough it is to meet up with people when you’re only in town for a little while, so the effort is duly noted.
  8. For being patient – I hope that I am a good friend. I want to be a great friend. But, I cannot always be the perfect friend. I could call more. I could check in more. That is something that I am working on. I appreciate all of my BFF’s that understand that and are patient with me.
  9. For just being there – Simply coming over to do absolutely nothing is a BIG DEAL for me. Sometimes, I don’t want to do things. I have friends for that. I also have friends that are ready to go WHENEVER. We all need a good balance. No one ever gets upset when I don’t feel like going out, or when I don’t feel like staying in. I even have friends that are not here physically but are a text away. I can send something stupid like, “I hate being an adult,” and they are right there ready to complain with me about how suck-y being an adult is. (It really isn’t, Y’all, I’m just dramatic).
  10. For being yourself – It’s not just about me being able to be myself. It’s also about my friends being themselves. I have one friend that spent her free day sitting in class with me. We held hands and walked around campus. I can be goofy with her. There is one friend who is just as sarcastic as I am. I can be real with her. One friend is sometimes emotional. I can reason with her. My friend that LOVES wine is the only one that can persuade me to drink a little too much in public. I have A LOT of *safe* fun on those nights.

All of my friends are unique in their own way

National Best Friend Day is dedicated to all of them. They are the women that I will choose to have next to me on the day I get married. They are future God Mother’s of my children, and they are my DAY 1’s! I could go on and on with this list, but I don’t need to. My friends know how awesome they are to me.

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Happy #NationalBestFriendDay!

Comment below with a time you realized your best friend was your BEST FRIEND.


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